Writing Blog Posts

Writing Blog Posts

Possible topics

Common topics for the most popular engineering blog posts:

  • The tech behind a new feature
  • Our perspective on a new technology
  • How we solved a mystery (bug or performance issue)
  • How we pulled off something really complicated
  • A look “behind the scenes” at a tool or process we use
  • Motivations and design decisions behind a system we built
  • Something we’re open sourcing and how it works
  • How we do something at massive scale

Best practice

Traits that heavily shared posts have in common:

  • Compelling title
  • Longer is better!
  • Analysis and graphs where applicable
  • Well organised with clear headings
  • Practical steps/checklist for others to follow

Surprisingly, very few of the most popular posts actually make use of code samples!

Good sample posts from other blogs

Andre has collated a list of the most shared eng blog posts from April 2015.

A sample: