Human software testing
Nic Wittison

Human software testing

Canva iOS developer Nic Wittison spoke at /dev/world/2015 in Melbourne on August 31, 2015.

When designing automated tests to minimise regressions in your software, it’s often hard to test exactly what a human would do to achieve a task and exactly how they would do it. While Canva has many automated tests, we also test our software manually each release to catch bugs and regressions at a time when they are cheaper to fix. This talk details some of the processes we follow to test our iOS app, and gives a few tips on how to get the most out of your testing efforts.

Building a Data-Driven Autocorrection System

In the Search team at Canva, we’re passionate about providing a fantastic search experience for our users. A challenge we’re constantly tackling is how to provide the content that our users are looking for, faster. We try to achieve this in many ways, be it our data-driven search relevance algorithms, our “related searches” pills or our trending searches. These awesome products help users quickly create fabulous designs that they can use to achieve their goals. Continue reading

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