This is Engineering at Canva
Josh Graham

This is Engineering at Canva

When I think about world-class software development teams, I think about shipping, surety, and scale. Approaching software as a craft enables developers to build something that delivers value, has a sense of quality and is aesthetically pleasing (both on the surface and in the code itself), and is able to adapt to the success of the business.

Welcome to Engineering at Canva, our engineering team blog. At Canva, we are lucky enough to not only deal with craft in the way we approach building the software, but also in the care put into the user experience that makes it amazingly simple to create great graphic designs, where craft then blends into art.

In its first 14 months, Canva’s user base grew from 1 user to 1 million users, mostly through the word-of-mouth of excited users, helped along by our chief evangelist – the legendary Guy Kawasaki.

This wonderful new application is democratizing graphic design and making it easy for anyone to make stunning designs. Behind the scenes is a team of high quality, passionate software developers. With credentials from other world-class engineering organizations like Google, VMWare, ThoughtWorks, and Atlassian, the Canva engineering team is making our company’s vision a reality.

Having benefited from other technologists who go out of their way to share what they’ve learned with the community, we’ve prepared some of the stories that have happened along the way and are looking forward to sharing more insights as we scale from 1 million users to 100 million (and beyond). We’ll geek out with plenty of code examples…

class Engineering extends Welcome {
  private final Company company = new Company("canva", "Canva", "");
  private final Greeting greeting = new Greeting("Welcome to ",, " Engineering");

  public Greeting greet() {
    return greeting;

…and tips and tricks for you to try out in your own contexts.

The first post will be from the initial member of the engineering team, Dave Hearnden, showing how he overcame one of the challenges he faced building a cloud-based application when he was building Canva from scratch.

We know that most technologists are dedicated and passionate like us – continually researching, learning, and honing our craft. I hope you’ll benefit from the glimpses behind the curtain of Engineering at Canva as we show you how we build Canva, so it can be empowering the world to design. If you’d like to join us, why not…

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